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Winkflo has Great customer service. Prompt delivery. It was all I expected. I received an email from Cathrine the day the dog collar arrived - very pleasant, helpful, informative.
Ashley K. from Brooklyn, New York
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The Best Online Company
I had to take the time to say Winkflo is the best online pet company I have ever done business with. Their customer service, as well as their website, are very helpful.
Gerard L. from Boulder, Colorado
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Thank you!
Excellent products. At 59 I am happy to have found this on Facebook. Thank you Winkflo!
Cecelia W. from Orange County, Los Angeles

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Winkflo™ Laser Comb - Online Exclusive


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    Introducing Our Innovative Laser Comb

    The 1# Drug-Free Alternative for Hair Growth!

    Tired of Wasting Money on trying to Fight Embarrassing Rapid Hair Loss?

    • Promotes Natural Hair Growth: This powerful brush treatment boosts your natural hair growth by using its low-energy infrared technology.
    • Say Goodbye to Thin and Weak Hair: After ~8-12 weeks of regular use, you can see your weak and brittle hair turn into a healthy and strong one.
    • Makes Your Hair Smooth and Healthier: It regulates oil production which results in a healthier and dandruff free, silky smooth hair.
    • Tested & Safe: We understand your pain. Drugs, surgeries, and expensive over-the-counter miracle products that claim to be the fix to your hair loss just aren't practical and sometimes even dangerous
    • Drug-FREE: Our Laser Comb is a simple and non-chemical approach to grow thicker, fuller, healthier hair to make you feel years younger with Newly Gained Confidence! Lasers have been utilized for hair regrowth therapy for over 18 years now, but laser combs are the first handy tools you can use right at home.
    • Super Effective: Our Laser Comb is 10x more Affordable and Effective than the Expensive alternative of Long and Dangerous surgeries and monthly subscriptions from topical creams. 
    • Loved By Hundreds!: Our New Winkflo™ Laser Comb is going viral, for good reason... Customers from all around the world are loving the new transformation they are seeing!


      How it Works

      1. The soft infrared of the wavelength can help you enhance your blood circulation, so that the oxygen and nutrients can be sent to the hair follicle, to prevent hair loss effect.
      2. Effectively stimulate the hair follicle, can activate 83% hair follicle in a brief period of sleep, in order to achieve the effect of reducing hair loss and hair regeneration.
      3. Regulate oil secretion, promote hair health, improve hair quality.
      4. It features coherent light projected via a line generator in a divergent, monochromatic beam.

      How To Use

      STEP 1: The suggested use is three times a week for 10 to 15 minutes per session. It is best not to use it on consecutive days.

      STEP 2: NEVER use the laser comb on hair that has any type of hair products such as hair gel, cream or spray. It is okay to use on wet or dry hair. 

      STEP 3: A cleaner scalp isn't mandatory but recommended.

      STEP 4: After powering on the laser comb, lay it flat on your hand.

      STEP 5: Do not use the laser comb as if you are brushing your hair. Leave the laser comb at each spot for a few seconds.

      STEP 6: It is best to start at the front of your hairline and work your way back. Once you've reached the back bottom of your hair, work your way back to the top. Remember, you are placing the laser comb at each spot for a few seconds. Repeat this cycle twice and you'll be finished! 

      Don't Miss OUT On Your Future SEXY HAIR! 



      UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention, we're running extremely low on these, so hurry and order before it's all gone. 

      *If you are not satisfied with your product, contact us and we will refund you*

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews

    I've bleached my hair so many times and I really needed a way to repair it! As you can see the results show! Awesome Brush

    I feel Great!

    This comb crazy... thank you winkflo for making my head have more hair again! :]


    I am astounded by the progress that this Laser comb has done for me! Was very skeptical at first but so glad I gave it a go.

    If it Works its WORKS!

    My friend was actually the one that showed me this product and wow! I am so glad I found this product! I literally can't believe the results :O. PERFECT

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