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Winkflo has Great customer service. Prompt delivery. It was all I expected. I received an email from Cathrine the day the dog collar arrived - very pleasant, helpful, informative.
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I had to take the time to say Winkflo is the best online pet company I have ever done business with. Their customer service, as well as their website, are very helpful.
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Excellent products. At 59 I am happy to have found this on Facebook. Thank you Winkflo!
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HookiePro™ - Easy Fish Hook Remover

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  • Less Harm, More Fun!

    Having a hard time getting those troublesome hooks out?

    Keeping your game fish or undersized fish alive is important to keep the ecosystem balanced. So the best we can do is to release them back as fast as possible to minimize the death rate of the fish.

     Introducing the HookiePro™, the special tool designed to unhook the fishes, it's fast and easy to use!

    fish hook remover pro

    This newly-designed fish hook remover has a rounded edge pin to ensure that it doesn't hurt your catch or your fishing line while you are trying to remove the hook.

    fish hook remover pro

    A great tool to stay your fingers away from the hook to avoid any unwanted accidents.


    • Safe: The fish hook remover keeps your fingers safe from any kind of hook injury, and from sharp teeth.
    • Single Hand Operation: The ergonomic plastic handle can fit your palm perfectly. Great for single-hand use.
    • Portable: It is light-weight and will be easy to attach to your fishing vest – so it won’t drop by mistake.
    • Fish Friendly: Remove most hooks even the deep embedded hooks with less harm to the fish that allows the angler to release fish to water.
    • Anodized Aluminum: Corrosion resistance to saltwater, the ergonomics plastic handle provides a comfortable and natural grip.

    Size: 9.45 inches (~24 cm)

      Package Includes: 1 x Easy Fish Hook Remover


      Does it come with the lanyards?

      - No

      I like fishing very much. Is this product easy to use?

      -Yes. Very easy to use. Much better than pliers for removing hooks.

      When you release the handle, will it open automatically?

      - Yes. It stays in the open or down position until you pull up the handle, which is very easy to use.

      WHY IS HookiePro® THE BEST CHOICE?

      ✓ Best Fish Hook Remover(More Accurate and Durable compared to others)
      ✓ Best Investment for you!
        Rated 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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      ✓  Ideal for outdoor fishing, fast decoupling, no injury, and more
      ✓ Live Stress-FREE 
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Very handy

    He seems to really like it. We were fishing and the hook was pretty far down and he reached in with the hook remover And it came right out. It isn’t any good on tubes.

    Great price and good product

    Great product to help remove deep hooks. Also very good on small stingrays. It’s made a little lite for big game hooks but works perfectly up to 2/0 hooks. Great price and good product.

    The easiest I have used

    This is the easiest hook remover I have used. We fish all the time at our river house and this beats anything I have purchased at the local sporting goods removes the hook without hurting the fish which doesn’t happen when the fish swallows the lure...(Redfish and Speckled Trout mostly)...great product and would buy again.

    Wonderful tool for me, the noobie fisher.

    Me and my family been going out fishing pretty often due to the SIP. Thou not much luck yet maybe because of our skills, but this tool is really handy when we need to get the hook remove from the fish, a quick and easy, no messy way to remove the hook.

    Good set

    I caught a few striped basses that hooked deep in the gill and end up having to cut the line and leave the hook in since I can’t reach it. It actually happened again on a 31” striped bass I caught this weekend and this saved the day. I should’ve gotten it soon.


    Works great on bigger fish like Bass (both smallmouth and largemouth bass). I haven't really tried it on a small fish but will update the review once I do. It could be a little smaller so it doesn't take too much space in the gear bag.

    Gave one to my friend and he loved it too.

    Great fast tool for cleaner releases.

    This is a great hook remover when you’re caching a lot of smaller fish that you want to release. However, the shaft is too thick for use on bluegill sized mouths. But I do a great and fast job on deeply hooked fish like rock bass and larger. It worked so well and is so inexpensive that I bought extras to share and as backups.

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