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Winkflo has Great customer service. Prompt delivery. It was all I expected. I received an email from Cathrine the day the waggie collar arrived - very pleasant, helpful, informative.
Ashley K. from Miami, Florida
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The Best Online Company
I had to take the time to say Winkflo is the best online pet company I have ever done business with. Their customer service, as well as their website, are very helpful.
Gerard L. from Boulder, Colorado
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Thank you!
Excellent products. At 59 I am happy to have found this on Facebook. Thank you Winkflo!
Cecelia W. from Orange County, Los Angeles

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LuxBed™️ - Luxury Dog Sofa Bed (Orthopedic)

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  • A Good Boy Knows a Good Bed

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    Don’t subject your dog to another night of tossing and turning on a subpar mattress! 

    A good bed can help relieve your pet’s existing joint pain and help prevent other joint problems in the future, such as hip dysplasia and arthritis.

    Not only that, but after a good night’s sleep, dogs are more well-rested, energized, and ready for whatever the day might have in store for them.

    Give your pup the gift of a comfortable and supportive orthopedic sofa bed with LuxBed™️ 

    LuxBed™️ is designed to help calm and soothe your pet, helping them achieve better and more restful sleep.

    Whatever position your pet likes to lay in, they'll find nothing but comfort and sweet dreams!


    • SOFA-STYLE BED DESIGN: Three bolsters are fulfilled with shredded memory foam that offers ultimate support and is not easy to deform. The unique sofa-like U-shaped design promotes comfort and security to the pups and allowslarger dogs to stretch outand relax their heads and arms.
    • EASY ON JOINTS: Your dog's comfort is our priority. The thick orthopedic foam is specially designed to enhance pressure-relieving comfort on joints and muscles. It can provide optimum bone support while improving air circulation. Soothe the body and soul with LuxBed™️  dog sofa!
    • WATERPROOF & EASY CARE: Worry-free from small accidents! The removable dog sofa cover is lined with a waterproof coating that provides strong protection against dog pee and excrement. The waterproof dog bed cover can keep the inner foam clean and dry. Just leave the cover in the washing machine and rest!
    • COZY SLEEPING ZONE: The sleep surface (22.5”x26.5”) is made of plush cotton, while the supportive bolsters are wrapped in textured cloth. Both fabrics are gentle on noses and paws and prevent shedding. The textured 7-color design seamlessly blends into any home decor. What a cozy sleeping zone for dogs!
    • NONSKID BOTTOM: The non-slip, studded plastic bottom effectively fixes your dog sofa bed in the right position, and brings an extra sense of security to your furry friends.

    LuxBed™️ truly the most sophisticated combination of form and function ever created and the ultimate support for your dog.


    Material:Cloth and Cotton

    Size Guide


     Best Luxury Dog Sofa Bed(Cheaper than other brands)
    ✓ Saves $$$ - More Affordable than other brands + Its FREE Shipping
    ✓ Live Stress-FREE Knowing Your Pet's Health is in Good Hands
     Best Investment for Pet Lovers!
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    Is the bolster easy to remove and replace when washing the cover?
    -Yes it has a zipper to open up and remove the cover to wash.
    Can you purchase a replacement cover?
    -Yes, just send a message to our support and we can assist you.
    How long does it take to fully expand?
    -As soon as you take it out of the package. 
    How thick is the cushion?
    -the dog bed is 3 inches for M and 4 inches for L. The pillow cushion is 3.5 inches in height, filled with shredded memory foam that can fully support your dog/cat's head!


    Scroll Up and Click 'Buy Now' to try the LuxBed™️   today like thousands of pet owners have already, and finally be able to let your pet have stress-free nights. 

    BEWARE of Imitation Devices* 
    (They are less effective and can cause harm to your pets)
    Buy 2 or More and Get an EXTRA 10% Off with Discount Code: Lux10


    UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention and COVID 19, we're running low on these, so hurry or you will have to wait 8+ days for us to manufacture them and then ship
    Delivery times might take 5-14 business days due to COVID19, Shipped From USA*
    *If you are not satisfied with your product, contact us*

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Oliver Klein
My dog will no longer use any of her other beds 🙄

This bed has ruined every other bed in the house. Will now have to replace all other beds with this one. Just gave it to her last night and then when I brought her into the bedroom to sleep at the end of the night, she just sat by the bedroom door waiting to go back out to this bed…

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