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Winkflo has Great customer service. Prompt delivery. It was all I expected. I received an email from Cathrine the day the waggie collar arrived - very pleasant, helpful, informative.
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I had to take the time to say Winkflo is the best online pet company I have ever done business with. Their customer service, as well as their website, are very helpful.
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Excellent products. At 59 I am happy to have found this on Facebook. Thank you Winkflo!
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Misti-fectant™ - Portable Disinfectant Spray

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  • 24/7 Support
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Disinfection on a whole new level


    As the COVID-19 pandemic has become a reality in every one of our lives, most people have at least one form of sanitizer they use on a daily basis. 

    You know you need to keep everything clean.

    Introducing the Misti-fectant™


    As much as your hands serve you, they also put germs in contact with your mouth, eyes, nose, and many other parts of your body. 

    It’s cool to have clean, healthy hands. Plus, clean healthy hands save lives, especially during cold and flu season.


    • Convenient - slip a small bottle of Misti-fectant™ in your glove compartment, a purse, or even your pocket for situations where you might want to wash your hands but either can’t find a sink or waiting for one is inconvenient (think long lines or far away restrooms).

    • Portable - The Misti-fectant™ is battery-operated. Charge it with the included USB and you are good to go.

    • Fast Cleaning Misti-fectant™ adopts scientific technology to create a fine mist, which can be absorbed instantly, helping disinfection quickly.

    • Easy to Clean - Removable water tank for easy cleaning.
    • Peace of mind - People are going to be less worried about picking up the cold or flu with easy access to Misti-fectant™.

    How to Use

    Step 1: Open the tank

    Rotate the mist sprayer counterclockwise to open the tank, you will notice an "L" groove which locks the tank in place with the device

    Step 2: Fill the tank

    Fill the 30mL tank with the liquid you want to use. We recommend using 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. Fill tank 2 parts water then 1 part alcohol (70% Isopropyl) to create a Perfect Mist!

    For Facial or personal use add mineral water.

    Step 3: Attach tank to device

    After adding liquid (no gel) Twist the tank back onto the device aligning the "L" groove, this will lock it in place to avoid leaking

    Step 4: Power On and Enjoy

    Click the power button to spray the mist

    Package Includes:

    1 x Nano Mist Spray 1 x USB Cable


    How many ounces does it hold?

    Less than 1.2 fl oz (30 ml) of liquid. 

    Does it light up when in use?

    - Yes, it does.

    Can I use just alcohol for disinfecting stuff?

    Yes. Only use liquid in the sprayer. It will not work with gel in the container.

    Can you use essential oils in this one?

    - This isn’t an Aromatherapy diffuser so it's not recommended.

    WHY IS Misti-fectant™ THE BEST CHOICE?

    ✓ Best Portable Disinfectant Spray (More Safe and Effective compared to others)
    ✓ Best Investment for you!
     Rated 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
     Risk-FREE - More Affordable + It's FREE Shipping
    ✓ Effective in disinfecting and moisturizing.
    ✓ Live Stress-FREE 
    ✔️ Order Now & Make Your Life Easier! ✔️


    Scroll Up and Click 'Buy Now' to try the Misti-fectant™ today like thousands of people have already, and finally be able to protect and disinfect.
    BEWARE of Imitation Devices*
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    UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention and COVID-19, we're running extremely low on these, and delivery times might take 5-15 daysso hurry and Buy Now before it's all gone.  

    *If you are not satisfied with your product, contact us and we will refund you* 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Svetlana Novo
Hi tech stuiff!

OMG, this works exactly as described. Strong cool mist comes out almost instantly (after connecting, pressing power button, and sliding the cover on front). OK, may be the usb cord is too short. But that's no big deal. Large 30 ml cup capacity. Now I need to come up with ideas what to spray besides water. yes, the skin does feel moisturized with water mist.

Barbie Lee
Great gadget! Great price

What a wonderful idea! Awesome little gadget! Comes in handy for so many situations. Perfect size to keep in your handbag and charge lasts 2 days!

Biance R***
Great product!

Fabulous! I can't live without these!!! I suffer from severe Asthma & I don't like to carry the big nebulizer around & These are just perfect for my Asthma medicine to deliver to my bronchial (lungs) the only difference is that I have to hold it closer to my mouth & nose... I then feel relieved! It's the only one that's the most affordable for 30ml.

Casey *****
One of the best things I've ever purchased!

Charges quickly, has the finest mist I've ever felt, and is completely delightful! Literally everyone in my house, (ages 3, 13, 32, and 35) LOVE these misters! I didn't expect to be so in love with these little devices, but I'm pleasantly surprised!

The best sanitizer

This is the best thing on the market. And it’s so easy to use you just fill it with Rubbing alcohol and a little water and you’re good to go

Anna S,
Handy Mister.

So happy I purchased this mist spray. I use it as a sanitizer for everything especially during this pandemic. Just fill it with part rubbing alcohol and distilled water and you’re good to go. When full it lasts about a week depending on how much you use it, but can always top up when it reaches too low. It is good to rinse it out with plain water every 2 weeks before refilling in order to keep the spray nozzle clean and free from any particles which may have entered but be very careful when opening and closing to avoid leakage.

Suzette Murell
Small enough to fit in purse

It’s very handy lightweight easy accessible you can carry in your purse very small that’s what I like about it sanitize everything

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