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Winkflo has Great customer service. Prompt delivery. It was all I expected. I received an email from Cathrine the day the waggie collar arrived - very pleasant, helpful, informative.
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I had to take the time to say Winkflo is the best online pet company I have ever done business with. Their customer service, as well as their website, are very helpful.
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Excellent products. At 59 I am happy to have found this on Facebook. Thank you Winkflo!
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Sleeko™ - Under Desk Sticky Drawer (Accessories Storage)

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  • 24/7 Support
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  • Less Clutter More Focus

    One survey revealed that 90% of Americans believe that clutter has a negative impact on their lives and work, and 77% believe that clutter actually hinders their efficiency.

    Free up your desk or table space = Free up your mind to think more clearly

    Whether you're organizing a desk for getting back to work, school, or just keeping on top of household paperwork... Clutter management is key to boosting productivity.

    Introducing the Sleeko™


    With a simple, yet efficient, folding mechanism, you can now store your items right underneath you without the hassle and frustration of large bins or storage crafts that take up your whole workspace! 

    Very easy installation, just peel & stick! Comes in different sizes and colors to fit your needs.


    Space-Saver:Sleeko can be placed under the tableit does not take up the desktop space and can store a variety of itemsso that your desktop is not messy.It is not even visible in your line of sight giving you a certain degree of privacy to protect your items
    Durable:This drawer organizer is made of lead-free ABS plastic, environment-friendly, safe and durable.It is sturdy and wear-resistant for daily repetitive opening and closing.

    VIVEFOX 2-Pack Under Desk Drawer, Under Desk Storage, Desk Organizer Drawer, Hidden Under Table Drawer Organizer for Office Home School

    Multi-organizer:Use it for various items,such as pens, rulers, glue, compasses, erasers, adapters, paper towels, scissors, mobile phones, headphones, and more.  Rejecting messy desktops and freeing up more office space.

    VIVEFOX 2-Pack Under Desk Drawer, Under Desk Storage, Desk Organizer Drawer, Hidden Under Table Drawer Organizer for Office Home School

    Sleek Design: Dust-proof,the drawer draws smoothly, and the seal is tight,avoiding the accumulation of dust in the box. Does not take up the desktop space, not even into your line of sight, it has a certain degree of privacy to protectyour private storage items.

    Anugrah Under Desk Table Drawer,Hidden Drawer Self-Adhesive Tray Storage Box,Tray Mini Desk Organizer Expandable Drawer Tray Self-Stick Pop-Up Hanging Drawer for Pencil,Pen,Office Kitchen Items

    Easy To Install: First clean the dust on the bottom of the table, then peel off the self-adhesive environmental protection glue surface and stick it to where you want. Please choose the flattest surface to place it on.


    • Material: ABS, Plastic
    • Size: 22 x 9 x 3.5 Centimeters
    • Weight: 218 g
    • Colour: Colour as per availability


    Can it only be placed under the desk?

    It can be mounted to any flat surface.

    Are these drawers easy to stick under the table?

    - Yes, just stick it on, and you are good to go.

    Is it firm? Can it stick firmly under the table?

    It's firm, you can put a lot of things in the under desk drawer, remote control, pen, notebook, charger, etc., without any problems. Can easily bear up to 2kls.


    ✓ Best Under Desk Sticky Drawer (Faster and Effective compared to others)
    ✓ Best Investment to save time and money!
     Rated 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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    ✓ Effective in organizing a variety of items.
    ✓ Live Lint-FREE 
    ✔️ Order Now & Make Your Life Easier! ✔️


    Scroll Up and Click 'Buy Now' to try the Sleeko™️  today like thousands of people have already, and finally be able to organize things easily!
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    UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention and COVID-19, we're running extremely low on these, and delivery times might take 5-14 business daysso hurry and Buy Now before it's all gone.  

    *If you are not satisfied with your product, contact us and we will refund you.*

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Judi Murray
Love it.

Perfect for a small desk with little space on top.

Patti S61
Perfect hidden drawers

Perfect small drawers are needed for the antique side table next to my recliner. They slide away for hidden storage but are easily accessible for the small items used frequently.

Ashley Ray
Perfect space saving solution!

I recently purchased a sit-to-stand desk for working from home. The only problem is those don’t come with drawers. I don’t like a lot of clutter on my desk, and these have proven to work wonderfully for holding pens, scissors, post-it's, etc. easy to install with a good grip.

Kristine J.
Great idea!

I was very excited to receive these and start using them because I have cats that love to steal and play with pens and other common little desk items. This was my solution to hide them, but unfortunately, it did not work for me because my desk has a small support beam on the underside of the tabletop. My mistake for not looking! Make sure before buying to verify that your table is flat where you want to attach it.
I still rate a 5 star because for the price the materials are all sturdy looking and appear as they do in the photos. Also, the adhesive material covers the majority of the drawer so I imagine they stick very well.

Jana S.
Amazing drawers/trays for the price! So pleased!

1. Very sturdy plastic. I got the dark blue option.
2. Comes with clear, super strong adhesive strips!
3. Fits perfectly under my wooden desk
.4. Hangs high 'n' tight, out of the way of my knees.
5. Pulls out easily.
6. Big tray fits a few notebooks & Letter size paper.
7. Small tray pulls out, flops down. Pen-sized stuff
.8. Overall I am extremely pleased with this product.

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