WagLife™ - Reflective Floating Dog Life Jacket (Adjustable)
WagLife™ - Reflective Floating Dog Life Jacket (Adjustable)
WagLife™ - Reflective Floating Dog Life Jacket (Adjustable)
WagLife™ - Reflective Floating Dog Life Jacket (Adjustable)
WagLife™ - Reflective Floating Dog Life Jacket (Adjustable)
WagLife™ - Reflective Floating Dog Life Jacket (Adjustable)
WagLife™ - Reflective Floating Dog Life Jacket (Adjustable)
WagLife™ - Reflective Floating Dog Life Jacket (Adjustable)
WagLife™ - Reflective Floating Dog Life Jacket (Adjustable)
WagLife™ - Reflective Floating Dog Life Jacket (Adjustable)

WagLife™ - Reflective Floating Dog Life Jacket (Adjustable)

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Keep Your Pup Afloat In Style 


You may think it's an unnecessary accessory since your dog is a good swimmer, but regardless of swimming ability, all canines that spend time in and around water should wear a life jacket.

Not using a life jacket on dogs when they are in or around water can pose several risks and potential problems

Introducing the WagLife™ 

This adjustable vest with reflective detailing ensures your pup can safely join you on any aquatic adventure. 

WagLife™ has your pup's back (or, rather, front)!


Drowning Prevention: Dogs, just like humans, can tire easily while swimming, especially in rough water or strong currents. A life jacket provides buoyancy and helps keep the dog afloat, reducing the risk of drowning.

Fatigue and Exhaustion: Swimming can be physically demanding for dogs, particularly those that are not experienced swimmers or have certain health conditions. A life jacket can help support their body and keep them afloat, preventing fatigue and exhaustion.

Water Visibility and Rescue: In case of an accident or if your dog gets separated from you in the water, a life jacket makes them more visible to rescuers, increasing the chances of a successful rescue operation.

Boating Safety: If you take your dog on a boat or any watercraft, a life jacket is crucial. It provides added security and can prevent dogs from falling overboard or getting injured while on the vessel.

Confidence and Comfort: Some dogs may be anxious or hesitant around water. A life jacket can provide a sense of security, boosting their confidence and allowing them to enjoy water activities more comfortably.

Remember that not all dogs are natural swimmers, and even those who are may encounter unexpected situations or exhaustion.

It's always better to prioritize safety and use a properly fitted life jacket when engaging in water-related activities with your dog.


Superior Buoyancy

WagLife™  is made of the same material as human life jacket, that provides maximum buoyancy in the water. With our life jackets on, dogs are able to safely swim at all times without you having to worry about him/her getting tired and into an unsafe situation.

High Visibility

Worry About losing sight of your puppy? WagLife™  with bright colors and reflective stripes to provide better visibility while swimming, will make it easier to spot him in the water, especially if you’re swimming at dawn dusk or night time.

Rescue Handle

Handles on the life jackets for dogs will make it easier for you to grab hold of your dog if necessary. It also makes it easier to teach your dog to swim. You can guide him in the water until he feels confident swimming on his own. 


Swim Safety & Adjustable

Adjustable design around the belly and neck provides more space while remaining well enveloped, which releases movement well, and keeps your dog in a natural swimming position, making them feel more comfortable and eased.

Package Includes:

1* WagLife™ - Reflective Floating Dog Life Jacket (Adjustable)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Love this life vest!

I am so thankful I purchased this vest for our 1 year old pup. The first time we took her boating she launched off the bow in the middle of the river after my husband. She was absolutely panicked at first, but hubby was able to calm her and luckily they both had life vests on. The handle on top of the vest definitely helped us to get her back in the boat, and she weighs about 45 lbs. so it would have been a disaster all around if she were not wearing the vest. When we beached, she was able to run freely in the water and was very comfortable with the vest on. A must have if you enjoy boating, paddle boarding, or other water activities with your dog!

It fits good and my English Mastiff is comfortable wearing it.

Good large dog life vest, my dog was able to swim with confidence, she was afraid without it.

Pet Vet
Great Fit & Quality at a Great Price!

This product & sizing chart is just perfect. I have 2 deep-chested dogs & the multiple adjustments allow me to loosen & snug the area needed for each pet. They appear to be VERY well made & the color are great! I love that it has the reflective strips, a durable handle & the flotation areas come down the sides instead of just on the top / back area.Our dogs swim a lot in the pool & when we take them out in the boat. We will now carry 2 life jackets in the boat just for them. Could not be happier with this purchase!

Dean A.
Comfortable for Dogs

Great quality, fits well, sturdy handle, and comfortable for dogs. Purchased sized medium for our 30 pound girls.

Val Yu

Fits perfectly! Nice quality

Amber Lynn PadgettAmber Lynn Padgett
True to size

My dog weighs 65 pounds. I used the size chart and his weight to order the vest and it was spot on.

Nice fit, strong handle

Really good construction and connectors made this a good fit for rapids. Handle worked great to retrieve overboard canine. Comfortable enough to walk and swim.